Pattern Collection

For your Pattern Design project you are working on a Pattern Collection –

Three DIFFERENT patterns that work within a theme.

Think of all the different ways to find connection – theme, color, line, shape, texture.

Your final PDF file should have 3/4 artboards.

  1. Pattern 1
  2. Pattern 2
  3. Pattern 3
  4. Optional: Choose one pattern to present on a mockup

Mock ups are a powerful tool for designers to use to visually present their designs to the masses. You may choose any direction of where you see your pattern being used – ideas include but not limited to –

Textiles – pillows, bedspreads, towels, etc

Clothing – shirts, hoodies, swimsuits, etc

Products – backpacks, notebooks, mugs, etc

Packaging – tea, wine labels,

Here are some resources for free mockups – but lots of others online too.

Adobe Stock (10 free images)

If you’d like to challenge yourself to something more complex – try Dimension and this tutorial for 3D packaging visualization.

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