Pattern Collection

For your Pattern Design project you are working on a Pattern Collection –

Three DIFFERENT patterns that work within a theme.

Think of all the different ways to find connection – theme, color, line, shape, texture.

Your final PDF file should have 3/4 artboards.

  1. Pattern 1
  2. Pattern 2
  3. Pattern 3
  4. Optional: Choose one pattern to present on a mockup

Mock ups are a powerful tool for designers to use to visually present their designs to the masses. You may choose any direction of where you see your pattern being used – ideas include but not limited to –

Textiles – pillows, bedspreads, towels, etc

Clothing – shirts, hoodies, swimsuits, etc

Products – backpacks, notebooks, mugs, etc

Packaging – tea, wine labels,

Here are some resources for free mockups – but lots of others online too.

Adobe Stock (10 free images)

If you’d like to challenge yourself to something more complex – try Dimension and this tutorial for 3D packaging visualization.

Artboards 101

Patricio had a question about Artboards and I am happy to give you some resources as well as talk about this in class as it directly relates to Project 3 and many future projects.

Think of Artboards as pieces of paper. You can rearrange, you can have one for “sketches” and one for finished design, you can have multiple pages (with different sized papers) and rearrange them.

General help:,artboard%20with%20the%20Artboard%20tool.

Patterns on Patterns

Digital patterning

Watch these Video tutorials:

Adobe help: 

Excellent short video

Another tutorial

  • Objectives: Using the pen tool, shape builder tools and others – create a digital pattern that can be made into a piece of fabric, wallpaper, or other paper goods. (Journal, file folder, etc.) We are also going to learn how to “Recolor Artwork” so you can see your pattern in different color schemes. We will also cover color and color swatches in Illustrator. Pattern Options and Pattern Tiling.

Create a digital pattern repeat in Illustrator using 2-5 colors within the file.


1. Experimenting with: Basic tiling, brick, hexing, and mirroring.

2. Present a ” Pattern Collection” for critique consisting of 3 different patterns with one unifying theme

  • 8″ x 10″ for each of the 3 art boards – final saved as a .pdf and uploaded to our Google Drive

Things to think about:

1. Color palette/harmony

2. Execution: What do you see this pattern being used for?

3. Tech: pen tool, shape builder, arrangement of layers, (overlapping shapes) composition, Recoloring Artwork, scale tool, etc.

4. Stylistic: Abstract, non-representational, representational, whimsical, geometric?

Online Research:

Spoonflower – print on demand by textile designers and artists.

Behance Pattern Design

Rifle Paper Design

Marimekko: Modern Scandinavian design

Real Simple Magazine

And, of course, we can’t talk about wallpaper design without talking about the amazing Arts and Crafts artist and designer, William Morris.

Here are some links to his famous designs:

Victoria and Albert Museum, London: William Morris

Books referenced for this project:

1. Grammar of the Ornament by Owen Jones

2. “Over and Over: A Collection of Hand drawn Patterns” by Mike Perry

3. 1000 Patterns

SCAD grad fashion designer

See below for amazing former student pattern collection examples!