Putting it in Perspective

Some online inspiration comes from :


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Remko Heemskerk: NYC

Chris Ware : Lost Buildings series and Building Stories series


Adobe: Perspective tool help

Perspective Tool help

Defining the grid


Assignment details: Design and illustrate a cityscape using the perspective tool and a unique color scheme. Your cityscape can be fantasy, based on a real place, or a combination of the two. Build a unique world and put as many details in as possible, continuing to build our storytelling skills.

Your landscape/cityscape can be anywhere in the world… Where do you want to go??

I liked this one for its use of an antique map for reference. Remember my post on digital library collections that are now all available via public domain.

Croatia map

Be inspired! Excellent student examples from previous Illustrator 2 classes!

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This is a great link on things to remember regarding poster design composition.

My favorites are :


Visual Hiearchy

Use whitespace

Align, Align, Align!

And don’t forget about the essential – grid method!

Let’s not forget the fundamentals above

Great link on vintage tutorials if you’re interested

Basic but good Adobe Poster Typography tutorial

Don’t forget how powerful formatting can be

Typographic Resources

Be sure to check out Laurent Durieux for some amazing posters with beautiful typography and visual hierarchy.

Some interesting typographic solutions:


Regardless of if you were in my Illustrator 1 class or not – see this post on Music Poster design for some great examples of interesting typographic solutions. See the music post here

Check out this great site: We LOVE Typography

And don’t forget my favorite lettering artist: Jessica Hische

Technical tutorials:

Basic typography tips from Adobe

Some very specific text effects

Want to make your own font?

This is a great link to taking your text to the next level: Creating Outlines to be able to manipulate the letterforms.