Movie Posters: Norton


  1. Virtuall view Norton Movie Poster Exhibit and Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit!
  2. Choose either an old movie or current movie to put into this vintage style.
  3. Create illustrations to illustrate characters, scene, props, etc
  4. Choose type wisely. Play with it, layer it. Remember Visual Hierarchy.
  5. At critique – show both your version, and the vintage poster it was inspired by.

New movie poster references: 

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Shepard Fairey

Invisible CreaturesNASA_1_Up_4



Vintage Movie Poster References:

  1. Saul Bass Archive
  2. Toulouse – Lautrec
  3. Poster Design History
  4. Excellent Examples

Be inspired! Excellent student examples from previous Illustrator 2 classes: 

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