Installing Typefaces

Hello students! With this Illustrator typography project, you might want to consider downloading custom typefaces! Here is a great website that has thousands of options – DaFont

How to install:

1.Sift through to find a typeface you like

2. Press the “download” button

3. Find the file in your “downloads” – double click the .otf or .ttf file to instal in your FontBook.

4. Once installed in your FontBook – you can use the font on any platform on your computer!

Accessibility and Design

Check out this link for great resources on color design and accessibility

These are great reminders to remember

One of the best articles I found: Accessibility and Gradient Design

Here are some ADA compliant gradients that I specifically thought were helpful:

7 things you should know about ADA compliance

EXTRA extensive and comprehensive PDF handbook on “Access Ability”

Thank you, Michell for asking a great question! Hope this helps.


Hey students! Great class today to introduce some basic concepts in Illustrator. Remember that you can check back with the recording in Blackboard or see the links below or tutorials on the left menu if you get stuck.

Wednesday, Feb. 10: Live critique at 8 a.m. on Collaborate.

Please upload your .pdf file by Tuesday at 5 p.m. so I can get it onto our Critique Hub for viewing.

See you then! And know you can email me anytime with questions!