Family of Characters

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Selfie Family 

Lovely Ladies

“Demain” – Children’s Book

Aviva Short Stories

ETSY.COM: Family Portrait

Adobe Illustrator is for illustrators.. In this project, communicate your “illustrative style” by starting from a blank document and using the pen tool, in addition to others, building a cohesive character design. This character design should be seen as a creative illustration – one that could later be used in a children’s book, to print and frame as a gift, to later animate, the possibilities are endless!


Project Requirements: Sketch and develop character designs for 4-6 people in a setting of your choice. (Could include animals!)

Include details that make the character “human” – accessories, facial expressions, texture, color, etc.

Technical requirements: show skill with the pen tool, composition, color design

There is alot of creativity within the style of illustration – I am open and excited about your ideas!

Size: 8 1/2 x 11″

Monday, Aug. 26: Introductions

Hello and welcome to Illustrator 2!

Happy first day of the Fall 2019 semester… Today we will go over the syllabus, our proposed projects, options for online tutorials and basic Illustrator technical questions. Please be sure to look at our syllabus, which you can find here .

Please stay posted as I design our class blog. Follow along and log on from home to access assignments, due dates and links to inspiring designers.

This class will meet from 8 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. on Mondays. It is very important that you keep up with your projects as well as participate in our Design Critiques – not only for the benefit of your grade, but for your greater benefit towards becoming professional graphic designers!

I’m looking forward to a great semester!

Best, Prof. Hopkins


Course Description: This advanced course will give essential skills in vector graphics through the Illustrator program, covering a range of projects and creative explorations. Emphasis will be placed on creative problem solving, the pen tool, shape building, pattern creation and typographic experimentation.

  1. Family of Characters – a warm up project to get re-acquainted with the Illustrator tools and toolbar.                                                                                                  From Sketch to Vector + Character Design
  2. History of Poster Design – Inspired by the current Norton Movie poster exhibit – we will take a field trip, explore historical ideas of typography, discuss the “anatomy of poster design” and research an “old movie”.

3. Putting Things in Perspective: Vector Landscapes

Perspective tool, advanced image tracing, advanced color + gradients

5. Poster Project Politics/Issues: Maximal vs, Minimal (or Package Design – TBA) 


Homework for next week:

  1. Start sketching your “family”!
  2. Start thinking about projects!


P.S.: NO CLASS NEXT MONDAY: LABOR DAY – see you Sept. 9.