Wednesday, Feb. 20 + Feb. 27: Lab day for Infographics

Today will be a lab day for Infographics – we will talk more about how to visualize your data as well as I will demonstrate the graphs function in Illustrator.

Key tips:

  • Object: Graph: Type
  • Object: Graph: Data
  • Direct Select to change colors

Options for Graphs:

  • Column
  • Stacked
  • Bar
  • Line
  • Area
  • Scatter
  • Pie
  • Radar


These are the steps I would recommend for this project: 

  1. Research / Data Gathering
  2. Compositional Layout – How are you going to present all this info?
  3. Typography + Color
  4. Design Icons/Elements

I will also do a technical demo on how to use the “Edit Colors/Recolor Artwork” feature in Illustrator so you can be sure you are certain about your color decisions.

Color support:

Recolor Artwork

Extra AMAZING link for professional Data Visualization examples