Calendar update

Monday, Nov. 26: Perspective project due. Rest of class to get started on Socio-Polico poster.

Monday, Dec. 3: Work day Socio-Polico.

Monday, Dec. 10: FINAL CRIT and portfolio due. LAST CLASS


Lets talk socio-political

Assignment: Design an illustrative poster with global, critical, socio-political content that stimulates emotion, provokes dialogue, and rouses an audience to support or engage in an issue or event, cause or mission.
In other words: Take a stand + make other people care too.
Project Goals: Introduction to the visual language of advocacy and engagement. Understand the power of the poster. Continue building your Illustrator skills. Can include text as a visual component but does not have to.


Project and FINAL PORTFOLIO DUE: Dec. 10



Nature + Environment + Climate Change


Employment Discrimination

Patriot Act


Hot misc. topics