Project 2: Package Design

Inspired by our love of food and its relevancy in our marketplace –


Assignment: Produce a package design set for a drink product of your choice.

Project includes 3 package designs that function individually but also as a cohesive and designed brand. All original vector based imagery.

Examples include:

Coffee, Tea, Soda/Sparkling Water, Etc., Wine, Beer

Assignment fulfills the following Course Learning Objectives for GRA2152C : 

Create a package design/3-D solution.

Create a design solution using all original elements/illustration. Formulate multiple solutions to one design problem.

Do some research: Find 10 packaging designs that inspire you (online, in a store, etc.) Compile images (see below) and save them in one PDF to be turned in with your final product.


During this critique, I’d like to go a different direction to accommodate the commercial direction of this project. The critique will be a business setting where you are “pitching” the idea to us. Sell us your product. Why is this design superb? Who is your target audience and why would I want to purchase your product over any other product in the same beverage category?

Questions to ask yourself: How can I get this product to jump off the shelves by still using the standard Principles of Design? How can I design something that is not only graphically interesting but communicates the product functionally?


Additional online resources:

Inspiration: Packaging of the World

Inspiration: Wine Label Design

Reading on business aspects: Packaging Design business strategy

Reading on Brand Strategy: LaCroix Curate

Previous posts about packaging on



Critique and Design Pitch: tentative: Oct. 22/29. Dress professionally. 

Today’s goals: finish Family of Characters. Intro Package. Critique next week + time to brainstorm and plan. 



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