Wed., March 14: Patterns on Patterns

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Digital patterning

Watch these Video tutorials: best video:Drawing Vector Graphics: Patterns

Adobe (free help) Adobe help: 

Excellent short video

Another tutorial

  • Objectives: Using the pen tool, shape builder tools and others – create a digital pattern that can be made into a piece of fabric, wallpaper, or other paper goods. (Journal, file folder, etc.) We are also going to learn how to “Recolor Artwork” so you can see your pattern in different color schemes. We will also cover color and color swatches in Illustrator. Pattern Options and Pattern Tiling.


Create a digital pattern repeat in Illustrator using 2-5 colors within the file.


1. Experimenting with: Basic tiling, brick, hexing, and mirroring.

2. Present a ” Pattern Collection” for critique.

  • Design three different cohesive patterns
  • 8″ x 10″ for each of the 3 art boards

Note: In your collection, you must have one “Seamless” pattern design.

Things to think about:

1. Color palette/harmony

2. Execution: What do you see this pattern being used for?

3. Tech: pen tool, shape builder, arrangement of layers, (overlapping shapes) composition, Recoloring Artwork, scale tool, etc.

4. Stylistic: Abstract, non-representational, representational, whimsical, geometric?

Other videos: Color Theory

Chapter 5: Color and Swatches


Show student examples


Online Research: Surface Designers: Chapter 5

Spoonflower – print on demand by textile designers and artists.

Behance Pattern Design

Michelle Weinberg: Miami artist and designer

Marimekko: Modern Scandinavian design


BEST LINK EVER: Design Sponge: top 50 wallpaper sources

Real Simple Magazine

Amy Butler Textile Designer

And, of course, we can’t talk about wallpaper design without talking about the amazing Arts and Crafts artist and designer, William Morris.

Here are some links to his famous designs:

Victoria and Albert Museum, London

William Morris Society

Textile design images

Books referenced for this project:

1. Grammar of the Ornament by Owen Jones

2. “Over and Over: A Collection of Hand drawn Patterns” by Mike Perry

3. 1000 Patterns


SCAD grad fashion designer



DUE DATE: Wednesday, April 4


Wednesday, Feb. 14 + Feb. 21: Lab day for Infographics

Today will be a lab day for Infographics – we will talk more about how to visualize your data as well as I will demonstrate the graphs function in Illustrator.

Key tips:

  • Object: Graph: Type
  • Object: Graph: Data
  • Direct Select to change colors

Options for Graphs:

  • Column
  • Stacked
  • Bar
  • Line
  • Area
  • Scatter
  • Pie
  • Radar


I will also do a technical demo on how to use the “Edit Colors/Recolor Artwork” feature in Illustrator so you can be sure you are certain about your color decisions.

Color support:

Recolor Artwork

Extra AMAZING link for professional Data Visualization examples