“You’re just my type of recipe”

Handdrawn type is a thing. Let’s make it ours.


Inspired by your last projects on Packaging Design, our collective interest in food and the Holiday Season coming up (I’m hosting Thanksgiving, wanna come over? ;)….

We are going to do a project involving three of my favorite things, hand drawn type, illustration and food.

“You’re just my type of recipe” 


Also inspired by these sweet gifts on Spoonflower.com

And my Pinterest page

Some of my lettering favorite resources:

JESSICA HISCHE – super comprehensive, inspiring and resourceful

Art of the Title: Remarkable title sequences in the movies







  1. Pick a recipe – Could be a family favorite or a seasonal favorite
  2. Hand drawn typography built FROM SCRATCH by you. Start in your sketchbooks, scan into the computer, refine edges, points, color, texture and kerning in Illustrator. (I will do a demonstration next week)
  3. Illustrate the recipe in a unique way using shapes, textures, etc to create a unique composition and color palette.


  1. SKETCH – Start with the “N” : double pencil, wiggling, etc.
    1. Gylphsapp


Previous student exceptional examples of hand drawn lettering: 


Optional next stages: Making it a real font :

Importing from Illustrator to GlyphApp

I’ll be bringing in a TON of books, both antique and new for inspiration. Including Jessica Hische’s book, InProgress: See inside a Lettering Artist’s Sketchbook and Process from Pencil to Vector9781452136226_inprogress1.jpg