Wednesday, Feb. 6

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Hopefully you are feeling stronger at the pen tool, shape builder and blob tools by today, at least introduced to it.

Design Project Two: Typographic Resume with Personal Logo/Branding

Design Objectives: Type, typography, layout, logo design, visual hierarchy and Layer Management

Check out this company, Loft Resumes – there whole idea is to design creative resumes for regular people. Since you are a budding designer, you need to have a resume that is more visually intriguing than what you can create in Microsoft Word! Also check out this link on Pinterest. videos to watch:

Illustrator Insider Training: Type and Text with Mordy Golding. 

Focus on chapters: 1, 3, 4 and 7 for this project

Also: Illustrator One on One Fundamentals : Chapter 9

IF you have had trouble with understanding LAYERS in the last project, please refer to

Illustrator One on One: Intermediate: Chapter 11 “Layers and Groups”

If needed, I will go over how to install typefaces into your computer. is a great resource.


1. Experiment with typography, visual hierarchy and spatial design within your name (First and Last)

2. A personal logo, symbol or series of shapes that you create from scratch using the pen tool or shape builder tools that become your “brand”

3. A design that shows an understanding of visual and textual hierarchy as well as a clean, modern layout. (Experiment with different grid systems)

4. Unique and consistent palette

5. 3-5 sketches in your sketchbook showing experimentation with layout and name design.

Critique: Beginning of class on Wednesday, Feb. 27. File should be in a final PDF format, ready to project as well as 1 printed out copy that you bring from home.