Final Portfolio Requirement

Hey there. It’s the end of the semester, we made it!

Requirements for Final Portfolio Day: Monday, Dec. 10

BEGINNING OF CLASS CRITIQUE  on your Socio-Polico Poster AND hand in of your final portfolio files.

No exceptions. No time to save files. Walk in, on time… be ready or points will be deducted from your final portfolio grade for lack of professionalism. (10 points will be deducted for failure to meet this beginning of class deadline)

Final Portfolio Requirements: (This counts as your Final Exam)

Upload a folder of your project to the server (Labeled with your Name)

Design Projects :

Please label them as follows with your initials: i.e. “KMHcharacter.pdf

  1. (Initials)FamilyofCharacters.pdf
  2. (Initials)Packaging.pdf
  3. (Initials)Perspective.pdf
  4. (Initials)SocioPolico.pdf
  5. (Initials)DesignerStatement.docx

Design Statement:

1-2 page designer statement answering the following questions in paragraph format: 

What did you learn this semester? (Technical + conceptual)

How did you incorporate the Principles of Design in your project?

How is your view of Illustrator different after taking this class?

Which projects did you enjoy the most/the least?

Is there anything specific that you would have liked to have gone over?

How can you improve your design skills for the future?

How can I improve Do you use it?

Anything else you would like to tell me?

Also – if you have edited your projects at all, please tell me what you did to fix/change your design in your designer statement. 



Calendar update

Monday, Nov. 26: Perspective project due. Rest of class to get started on Socio-Polico poster.

Monday, Dec. 3: Work day Socio-Polico.

Monday, Dec. 10: FINAL CRIT and portfolio due. LAST CLASS

Lets talk socio-political

Assignment: Design an illustrative poster with global, critical, socio-political content that stimulates emotion, provokes dialogue, and rouses an audience to support or engage in an issue or event, cause or mission.
In other words: Take a stand + make other people care too.
Project Goals: Introduction to the visual language of advocacy and engagement. Understand the power of the poster. Continue building your Illustrator skills. Can include text as a visual component but does not have to.


Project and FINAL PORTFOLIO DUE: Dec. 10



Nature + Environment + Climate Change


Employment Discrimination

Patriot Act


Hot misc. topics


Putting it in Perspective







Remko Heemskerk: NYC

Chris Ware

Chris Ware : Lost Buildings series and Building Stories series



Adobe: Perspective tool help

Perspective Tool help

Defining the grid


Assignment details: Design and illustrate a cityscape using the perspective tool and a unique color scheme. Your cityscape can be fantasy, based on a real place, or a combination of the two. Build a unique world and put as many details in as possible, continuing to build our storytelling skills.

Your cityscape can be anywhere in the world… Where do you want to go??


I liked this one for its use of an antique map for reference. Remember my post on digital library collections that are now all available via public domain.

Croatia map

Due date: Nov. 26 

Note: We will have one more project, and not a lot of time to complete it, as our last class is Dec. 10. Final portfolio day: Dec. 10. 


Project 2: Package Design

Inspired by our love of food and its relevancy in our marketplace –


Assignment: Produce a package design set for a drink product of your choice.

Project includes 3 package designs that function individually but also as a cohesive and designed brand. All original vector based imagery.

Examples include:

Coffee, Tea, Soda/Sparkling Water, Etc., Wine, Beer

Assignment fulfills the following Course Learning Objectives for GRA2152C : 

Create a package design/3-D solution.

Create a design solution using all original elements/illustration. Formulate multiple solutions to one design problem.

Do some research: Find 10 packaging designs that inspire you (online, in a store, etc.) Compile images (see below) and save them in one PDF to be turned in with your final product.


During this critique, I’d like to go a different direction to accommodate the commercial direction of this project. The critique will be a business setting where you are “pitching” the idea to us. Sell us your product. Why is this design superb? Who is your target audience and why would I want to purchase your product over any other product in the same beverage category?

Questions to ask yourself: How can I get this product to jump off the shelves by still using the standard Principles of Design? How can I design something that is not only graphically interesting but communicates the product functionally?


Additional online resources:

Inspiration: Packaging of the World

Inspiration: Wine Label Design

Reading on business aspects: Packaging Design business strategy

Reading on Brand Strategy: LaCroix Curate

Previous posts about packaging on



Critique and Design Pitch: tentative: Oct. 22/29. Dress professionally. 

Today’s goals: finish Family of Characters. Intro Package. Critique next week + time to brainstorm and plan.